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Innovative robotic solutions for applications in industrial and artistic model production and finishing.

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The only robotic solution available for all surface finishing processes: sanding, polishing, trimming of complex shapes at any scale or size.


Orthopedic robotic milling system to create any model (positive or concave) for the production of orthoses and custom prosthesis.


7 axis robotic system for milling and turning operations on models and prototypes made of resin, wood and other light materials.

About Roboticom USA

ROBOTICOM designs, engineers and offers to the market innovative robotic solutions. With our know-how and the experience gained in more than 20 years in the business, we are able to satisfy every need for automation in many different fields, offering custom made robotic solutions for every single customer.

ROBOTICOM is an Epica International company and a pioneer in robotic manufacturing solutions.


Vision and Mission

Our challenge is to make sw programming simpler and within reach, bring robotic automation inside the most delicate industrial processes while establishing sustainable production practices for better working environments.


Patented Technology

We’ve designed different technological applications and innovative devices that have obtained patent protection. Our patented solutions have helped us shape the future of the robotic manufacturing industry. View a list of our current patented machinery.


Commitment to Quality

Every single activity is managed according to the official procedures of the Manual of Quality set by Fabrica Machinale to provide customers with high quality products and to pass audit inspections scoring 95 points out of 100.

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Robotics in Our DNA

With over 20 years of experience, Roboticom has become a strategic partner for many companies in various industries, achieving recognition and awards for our contribution to innovation and advancement of technology.

Today we have hundreds of robotic systems installed in the world, thanks to a combination of our know-how and the growth ambitions of our customers.

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